And we're back
Dear All,

As you can see my desperate trials to get someone else to write hasn't borne fruit so its me again.

If you have been here before you might have noticed that we have changed our logo to a much more swankier smoother version and the 'waye' name has been put in the freezer for now.

I'm sad to tell you that our functional relationship with WAYE didn't work out as we had hoped it would. Though I was in Delhi and wanted to get many activities going there wasn't much I could do due to several constraints.

So we are back on our own and there is good news that someone from India who is part of the WFUNA team has actually contacted a bunch of youth and is trying to set up a youth collective for us.

Its a good initiative in the right direction. Late no doubt, but as the cliche goes, better late than never :)

I will keep everyone update on what happens to this line.

I should thank Tanmay for the new logo, he's done a great job in spite of his tight schedule. I should persuade him to write more though :)

See you sooner than later!

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    Should we have a Meeting every Saturday?