Action in Delhi
Dear All,

We now have a physical presence in Delhi and eagerly look forward to getting our hands dirty with this project of ours :)

So all the zealots out there feel free to leave a comment or contact me at

We will be contacting a few youth NGOs also to take this forward along with them as we feel this is a people's movement and shouldn't be restricted to few who have been given the opportunity.

If you are from a youth NGO or you know someone who is working with a youth NGO please feel free to buzz me.

Looking forward to meeting everyone in Delhi

Best Regards
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  1. Hi this is Thejesh Kumar Gandikota u can call me Thej. Right now I am pursuing my MBA, along with that I am working for an NGO called Oxfam India.

    My question is that I want to become an Youth Delegate of India to UN, what is the process and how can I do that, please let me know .


  • The Support

    Should we have a Meeting every Saturday?