Kochi Trip
Last weekend I was fortunate to be in Kochi to attend the Indian Parliament Simulation conducted by Young Indians (Yi) and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

The experience was quite enriching to say the least. I met many different people from all over the country and as expected I had a blast of a time ! :)

Session 1 started off on a sober note with the Core group members reading from their scripts, I started feeling left out since it looked nothing more than a staged drama and all I was doing is clapping at predetermined intervals and acting as if I agreed to what my leader of opposition had to say. Half way through and after much prodding the organizers introduced a 'one' spontaneous question. This actually happened after my hand was in the air for a fair bit time and the speaker ignored my frantic attempts to catch his attention.
So then rolled out a hell lotta fun :) This session then underwent a metamorphosis of sorts and turned out to be better than the 'Royal Rumble'. Fiery opposition members shooting questions to the leaders of the ruling party like a machine gun out of control. And on unacceptable answers we would keep prodding like the true politicians we were trying to emulate to get a good answer from them. On this note the speaker got to throw me out around 4 or 5 times only to find me back within 5 mins along with a resurgent sense of patriotism to get answers out of the ruling government.

Session 2: Was a little bit more drab, I mellowed down after the leader of opposition for Session 2 warned me about my sense of ethics and conduct within the house. But what do you expect me to do ? I didn't spend a train ticket onward and a flight ticket to return just so that some guys could read from a script. Besides if I feel answers are unsatisfactory I will object to them just as any common man would, a gallantry show of histrionics is not what the ruling party is supposed to show. They are to show action and deed and not fiction and greed for crying out loud.
Anyway, my mellowed down version was dampened even further when I found out the supplementary question I was supposed to ask was cancelled due to lack of time. *drats* I told myself, but this slip in the plan didn't keep me down for long and I was thrown out of the house yet again twice this time in the session. I came back and staged a walkout since my answers were not being answered and that brought the session to an end. :)

Session 3: This session had a fair bit of drama involved and the members of opposition staged a satyagraha demanding an apology for god know's what reason. It got monotonous after a point in time and I started to feel what an absolute was of public money and time is involved when our REAL MP's act like kindergarten children in parliament. Maybe this is because they have never watched themselves on screen or rather, never been to kindergarten leave alone school.
The most important thing about session3 was that I got freely publicize ISAYRUN. There was a question topic on Red Tape. And as we all know our campaign has faced its fair bit of red tape. I quoted statistics from our campaign and asked the ruling government why their IAS officers haven't replied to our mails, phone calls and messages ? They were bowled over. Many of the parliamentarians didn't know this program existed ( which was the whole point of me going there so we get more patriots within our ranks ) So my purpose was satisfied, I kind of sent a googly to the ruling party and got everyone to wake up to the fact that this Youth Rep Program is imperative to the country's youth.

The Session came to an end and I exchanged contact details with many of the participants, I had an enriching experience of interacting with some brilliant minds and fellow patriots and I thoroughly look forward to working with them again on something close to my heart.

I returned by flight, which was such a relief since I wouldn't have lasted a train journey and I came back to some good home cooked food and my very own pillow on the floor :)


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