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Chennai,September 13th :

New developments over the past few weeks which we have not updated ya'll on. I hope that we mentioned that we visited our boss and got some inputs over the weekend. We couldn't meet for the next weekend due to some unavoidable reasons and so we met yesterday after a hiatus of 2 weeks.

Lots of new developments have been happening, firstly IFUNA has told us that the IFUNA-youth office is now in kolkata. So we are trying to find out where it really is. As you might know by now, the numbers and email ids of people in IFUNA youth are outdated. We're trying to catch hold of someone responsible.

The person who we spoke to from kolkata was actually a real gentleman and gave us very precise information which we needed.

Looking at the immediate future, there is Youth Assembly of India which is going to be held in Hyderabad, it is being hosted by the Passionate Foundation. So let me know if any of you want to part of this. Actually its very simple, just google passionate foundation, chekc out the details of the youth assembly, if its comfortable for you to be in Hyderabad then just book your tickets and let us know that your going. We will talk to the hosts about it.

Other than that, we had some new attendance in yesterday's meet. Its been giving me great hopes and a renewed sense of responsibility.

Till the next post...


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