Brothers In Arms
Whenever there has been war..There has been death in large numbers..the soldiers who fight for our lives putting theirs in danger..When we are sleeping peacefully in the night,they stay up and guard our borders..everyday we read in the papers.."5 soldiers die in a militant encounter,Solider dies fighting"..This post is for all those soldiers who sacrificed their life to save ours..I have played many war games..I know what these soldiers face everyday..When you are least expecting a grenade comes out off no where and blows you off.But unlike games these soldiers don't have a save game option..they cant start afresh from the last save point..if they are shot..they are dead..Yet they are not afraid..Rather they fight with all the strength they have..Even during the 26/11 Mumbai attacks..we saw how these soldiers fought for days without taking a break..not even a drop of water..They had to kill or capture a terrorist without putting the lives of the civilians in danger..So just give a few minutes from your busy lives to remember those brave men who gave up their life so that you could live yours..The Indian military has all my respect..Its because of them that i feel proud to say.."I AM AN INDIAN"..

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