Independence Dhamaka ! ! !

It was Independence Day and a Saturday too. That is right. Saturdays mean I SAY RUN meetings. This meeting meant a lot to all of us. Well, I’m not going to bug you with the unnecessary details. Let’s get to the point.

The agenda of today’s meeting was to create awareness. And we decided to do it by doing some social work So the brain storming began. And we liked to call this our I SAY RUN campaigns.

So many ideas came up. Our friend who has already done a lot of social work, Arjun, suggested that we should work towards the down trodden, educate a child. Kamatchi and Arun suggested that we do something about E-Waste. We also decided to create awareness by talking to people in a Coffee Shop when we happen to be there, as you guessed, most of the people sitting in a coffee shop fall into the category of teens and youths.

We wanted to create promo videos. And the easier way is to address something that bothers almost everyone in day to day lives, like Traffic. Kamatchi also brought about the fact that Ranipet (Vellore District) is claimed as one of the most polluted area( Ridhi came up with environment related issues, like cruelty towards animals, going LED, avoiding polythene bags, etc. This reminded us of the fight that Tanmay and I had with a medical store because they were giving out plastic carry bags.

Our creative head, Tanmay, brought about the topic of littering and smoking. And then there was “Go-Veg”.

Finally we decided on going with E-Waste campaign and concluded the meeting.

Day: 2 Sunday, August 16, 2009

We all met in Nageswar Rao Park in mylapore around 10.30, only to be thrown out at 11.00. Then we went to Café Coffee Day, Cenotaph Road.

The meeting kick started. We found out that the Nokia E-zone doesn’t collect anything besides Nokia Batteries. So we ended up in square one. Kamatchi came up with the idea of collecting e-waste and creating a junkyard display. We didn’t go for it though.

Yes, we decided to go for the “Beach Cleaning”. Kamatchi, Arjun and Arun were voted as campaign managers. Arjun also said he could invite a reporter for the event. We were all happy, finally, something solid to look forward to. The dates decided, were to be somewhere around this month end. So, YES, we do need you guys to come.

This year’s Independence Day was my personal best in all the years that have come by.

And yes, the movie. We are going for a movie, Kaminey (Dhan Tan Nan :P) Thanks to Tanmay and Vaithinathan.


For further details contact,

Tanmay: +91 9962385581

Saravana: +91 9884828277

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  1. pinky Says:

    I liked the movie..

  • The Support

    Should we have a Meeting every Saturday?