I SAY RUN First Video!! =)
Here is our First ever I SAY RUN Video.. yey!! ^_^

it is based on the problems which India is currently Facing(most of them)..And the background music is just Brilliant..

I've tried to make it as touchy as possible..

Come on people..

Lets make a Difference

Lets be the change..

I SAY RUN, do you??

(Comments Please)
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4 Responses

  1. good one mac.

    why is that the old man is the one who is always worried? didn't you get any other kid or a youth? do you see my point here? Isn't it about Youth and Students?

    Well apart from that, it is a nice work. Sorry to have brought it up, but then again that is my job.


  2. brilliant. great work


  3. The old man?? well..if we the YOUTH don take steps now then we are gonna end up like the old man regretting.. you get my point?lets do something while we are still young and can actually do something..

    I SAY RUN, do you?

  • The Support

    Should we have a Meeting every Saturday?