How to catch peoples attention
It was a pretty good I-Day yesterday, celebrated it thoroughly in IITM. Come to think of it, its the first I-Day that I've celebrated. Interesting.

A bunch of volunteers got a great idea to spread the word on WAYE's yes+ courses and ISAYRUN. So what we did was... 10 people + a guitar + music + dance + 1000 bewildered brainiacs whose cumulative IQ would have put ambani's salary to shame :)

Right in the middle of the Himalya-lawns we had an amazing evening and when the crowd got really interested we stopped and spoke about ISAYRUN and our initiative. Which was bloody awesome cos they were really in a patriotic mood and one which they were willing to listen :)

It took a lot of guts from our guys to organise this, especially chetan cos his neck was on the line if anything went wrong. But I guess if you wanna go far you gotta take risks.

We had two meetings this weekend and the team is going for a movie on monday ( to keep up the morale :) ) The updates will be up soon .

So if your missing out on the fun ... hop right on

I say run, do you ?
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  1. IITM was FUN..had a great time jamming..and it was nice to see so many IITan youth interested in I SAY RUN..yeah and..

    I SAY RUN as well.. :)

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    Should we have a Meeting every Saturday?