Dont be a Fool, Be Cool..Join us(I SAY RUN Meet 08 Aug 09)

It was a Normal Saturday for me, I woke up,looked at the clock..It was 10..and the I SAY RUN meeting was scheduled for 2..Trust Me when i say this but the 4 hours between 10 and 2 seemed to be moving slower than a sloth..I just could not wait for the Meet to start cause all our previous meets had been Amazing fun combined with Some even more amazing Hard work.. :)

Finally it it was 1:15 and i decided it was time to make a move in spite of the venue(Madras Terrace House) being only 10 minutes away from my house..

I Reached There by 1:30 and I was the First one there(at least that's what i Thought) SO i decided to wait out for others to come.. After sometime a friend of mine called me and told me that she had reached and could i pick her up?.. So i went picked her up and we both entered MTH(Madras Terrace House) only to find someone already sitting there from a time which was surely before 1:30..poor her..even more eager than me.. :P

People slowly started to drop in and the Meet had officially started..YEY :)..SO we started by updating the new members about I SAY RUN, told them what we had in mind and what we had achieved Till now..We also told them About This amazingly awesome Blog that you are reading right now(how could anyone not know about this blog is beyond my reach :P) and Our Facebook Group( ) which has over 800 members now..Oh ya.. 8)

We discussed our Progress with MEA( No.. not the Famous Singer Mea..but the.. MINISTRY OF EXTERNAL AFFAIRS.. MEA..Ahh!! :-))

We Were talking about this when the cafe Owner came up to us and told us that we couldn't sit here anymore...SO.. Heart Broken we stood up to leave.. But to our surprise The Owner actually Invited us to come sit in the Air conditioned Mega Super Duper Hall..Do something Good and Something even More Better Happens.. :D

Yeah.. So we Decided it was time To come up with a Promo Video( We need actors for that us via a comment if interested :)) AND we have a Very Good Idea For that..(you Missed the you wont know what the Idea is..Muhahaha)

We also Decided which Daily(Newspaper) to Approach regarding this campaign..We Decided to Design and Start Wearing our own cool is that??WE Had fun pulling the leg of our Beloved HR.. who is an Air Hostess BTW..And a very hot one to top that.. :D And we Discussed many more things Which just cant be explained by Typing..Oh and we Finally Have a LOGO planned.. :)

All This Happened While you were sleeping,Dancing,partying or doing nothing..IT WAS FUN..woooHoooo.. I think its about Time You people showed up for a meet..Mark my words.. "YOU WILL LOVE IT"..

I SAY RUN, do you??

For More Details Regarding the Next meet you can Contact:

Myself(Tanmay)- 09962385581

Sarvana Kumar- 919884828277

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  1. You had to drag me into the picture! didn't you! And by the way, I"M NOT AN AIR HOSTESS!!!

    Beyond that, good job man. Saved me from facing our beloved boss's music. Thanks...

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    Should we have a Meeting every Saturday?