Saturday 22nd Aug

22nd August 2009

The meeting was held at mocha and there was 7 volunteers present including me .Lakshmi Kala, Arjun, Vaidhy, Kamtchi, ridhi, shashant (ridhi’s friend} and ridhis cousin

The agenda was about the Campaign managemen

I represented a part of the management in absence of other campaign managers

Kamatchi and I are going to the corporation on Tuesday to get permission to go to the local police station for security.

There were few volunteers who came up with their own ideas on how to go about the beach clean up procedures

Kamtchi came up with the idea of creating awareness to ppl about cleanliness and asking the shopkeepers next to the beach to keep their surroundings clean

Ridhi- we ll get help from the “warewah” people in beach clean up

Shashant- he ll do the posters maximum of 25 to be put up in college’s coffeshops and Landmark.

Arjun responsible for the band and sacks.

Kamatchi - she ll get the T shirts designed by her junior Laya

Campaign work to be started by this week and date to be decided soon

See you at the campaign !

Lakshmi Kala

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