Saturday 22nd Aug

22nd August 2009

The meeting was held at mocha and there was 7 volunteers present including me .Lakshmi Kala, Arjun, Vaidhy, Kamtchi, ridhi, shashant (ridhi’s friend} and ridhis cousin

The agenda was about the Campaign managemen

I represented a part of the management in absence of other campaign managers

Kamatchi and I are going to the corporation on Tuesday to get permission to go to the local police station for security.

There were few volunteers who came up with their own ideas on how to go about the beach clean up procedures

Kamtchi came up with the idea of creating awareness to ppl about cleanliness and asking the shopkeepers next to the beach to keep their surroundings clean

Ridhi- we ll get help from the “warewah” people in beach clean up

Shashant- he ll do the posters maximum of 25 to be put up in college’s coffeshops and Landmark.

Arjun responsible for the band and sacks.

Kamatchi - she ll get the T shirts designed by her junior Laya

Campaign work to be started by this week and date to be decided soon

See you at the campaign !

Lakshmi Kala

Independence Dhamaka ! ! !

It was Independence Day and a Saturday too. That is right. Saturdays mean I SAY RUN meetings. This meeting meant a lot to all of us. Well, I’m not going to bug you with the unnecessary details. Let’s get to the point.

The agenda of today’s meeting was to create awareness. And we decided to do it by doing some social work So the brain storming began. And we liked to call this our I SAY RUN campaigns.

So many ideas came up. Our friend who has already done a lot of social work, Arjun, suggested that we should work towards the down trodden, educate a child. Kamatchi and Arun suggested that we do something about E-Waste. We also decided to create awareness by talking to people in a Coffee Shop when we happen to be there, as you guessed, most of the people sitting in a coffee shop fall into the category of teens and youths.

We wanted to create promo videos. And the easier way is to address something that bothers almost everyone in day to day lives, like Traffic. Kamatchi also brought about the fact that Ranipet (Vellore District) is claimed as one of the most polluted area( Ridhi came up with environment related issues, like cruelty towards animals, going LED, avoiding polythene bags, etc. This reminded us of the fight that Tanmay and I had with a medical store because they were giving out plastic carry bags.

Our creative head, Tanmay, brought about the topic of littering and smoking. And then there was “Go-Veg”.

Finally we decided on going with E-Waste campaign and concluded the meeting.

Day: 2 Sunday, August 16, 2009

We all met in Nageswar Rao Park in mylapore around 10.30, only to be thrown out at 11.00. Then we went to Café Coffee Day, Cenotaph Road.

The meeting kick started. We found out that the Nokia E-zone doesn’t collect anything besides Nokia Batteries. So we ended up in square one. Kamatchi came up with the idea of collecting e-waste and creating a junkyard display. We didn’t go for it though.

Yes, we decided to go for the “Beach Cleaning”. Kamatchi, Arjun and Arun were voted as campaign managers. Arjun also said he could invite a reporter for the event. We were all happy, finally, something solid to look forward to. The dates decided, were to be somewhere around this month end. So, YES, we do need you guys to come.

This year’s Independence Day was my personal best in all the years that have come by.

And yes, the movie. We are going for a movie, Kaminey (Dhan Tan Nan :P) Thanks to Tanmay and Vaithinathan.


For further details contact,

Tanmay: +91 9962385581

Saravana: +91 9884828277

I SAY RUN First Video!! =)
Here is our First ever I SAY RUN Video.. yey!! ^_^

it is based on the problems which India is currently Facing(most of them)..And the background music is just Brilliant..

I've tried to make it as touchy as possible..

Come on people..

Lets make a Difference

Lets be the change..

I SAY RUN, do you??

(Comments Please)
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How to catch peoples attention
It was a pretty good I-Day yesterday, celebrated it thoroughly in IITM. Come to think of it, its the first I-Day that I've celebrated. Interesting.

A bunch of volunteers got a great idea to spread the word on WAYE's yes+ courses and ISAYRUN. So what we did was... 10 people + a guitar + music + dance + 1000 bewildered brainiacs whose cumulative IQ would have put ambani's salary to shame :)

Right in the middle of the Himalya-lawns we had an amazing evening and when the crowd got really interested we stopped and spoke about ISAYRUN and our initiative. Which was bloody awesome cos they were really in a patriotic mood and one which they were willing to listen :)

It took a lot of guts from our guys to organise this, especially chetan cos his neck was on the line if anything went wrong. But I guess if you wanna go far you gotta take risks.

We had two meetings this weekend and the team is going for a movie on monday ( to keep up the morale :) ) The updates will be up soon .

So if your missing out on the fun ... hop right on

I say run, do you ?
Dont be a Fool, Be Cool..Join us(I SAY RUN Meet 08 Aug 09)

It was a Normal Saturday for me, I woke up,looked at the clock..It was 10..and the I SAY RUN meeting was scheduled for 2..Trust Me when i say this but the 4 hours between 10 and 2 seemed to be moving slower than a sloth..I just could not wait for the Meet to start cause all our previous meets had been Amazing fun combined with Some even more amazing Hard work.. :)

Finally it it was 1:15 and i decided it was time to make a move in spite of the venue(Madras Terrace House) being only 10 minutes away from my house..

I Reached There by 1:30 and I was the First one there(at least that's what i Thought) SO i decided to wait out for others to come.. After sometime a friend of mine called me and told me that she had reached and could i pick her up?.. So i went picked her up and we both entered MTH(Madras Terrace House) only to find someone already sitting there from a time which was surely before 1:30..poor her..even more eager than me.. :P

People slowly started to drop in and the Meet had officially started..YEY :)..SO we started by updating the new members about I SAY RUN, told them what we had in mind and what we had achieved Till now..We also told them About This amazingly awesome Blog that you are reading right now(how could anyone not know about this blog is beyond my reach :P) and Our Facebook Group( ) which has over 800 members now..Oh ya.. 8)

We discussed our Progress with MEA( No.. not the Famous Singer Mea..but the.. MINISTRY OF EXTERNAL AFFAIRS.. MEA..Ahh!! :-))

We Were talking about this when the cafe Owner came up to us and told us that we couldn't sit here anymore...SO.. Heart Broken we stood up to leave.. But to our surprise The Owner actually Invited us to come sit in the Air conditioned Mega Super Duper Hall..Do something Good and Something even More Better Happens.. :D

Yeah.. So we Decided it was time To come up with a Promo Video( We need actors for that us via a comment if interested :)) AND we have a Very Good Idea For that..(you Missed the you wont know what the Idea is..Muhahaha)

We also Decided which Daily(Newspaper) to Approach regarding this campaign..We Decided to Design and Start Wearing our own cool is that??WE Had fun pulling the leg of our Beloved HR.. who is an Air Hostess BTW..And a very hot one to top that.. :D And we Discussed many more things Which just cant be explained by Typing..Oh and we Finally Have a LOGO planned.. :)

All This Happened While you were sleeping,Dancing,partying or doing nothing..IT WAS FUN..woooHoooo.. I think its about Time You people showed up for a meet..Mark my words.. "YOU WILL LOVE IT"..

I SAY RUN, do you??

For More Details Regarding the Next meet you can Contact:

Myself(Tanmay)- 09962385581

Sarvana Kumar- 919884828277

Brothers In Arms
Whenever there has been war..There has been death in large numbers..the soldiers who fight for our lives putting theirs in danger..When we are sleeping peacefully in the night,they stay up and guard our borders..everyday we read in the papers.."5 soldiers die in a militant encounter,Solider dies fighting"..This post is for all those soldiers who sacrificed their life to save ours..I have played many war games..I know what these soldiers face everyday..When you are least expecting a grenade comes out off no where and blows you off.But unlike games these soldiers don't have a save game option..they cant start afresh from the last save point..if they are shot..they are dead..Yet they are not afraid..Rather they fight with all the strength they have..Even during the 26/11 Mumbai attacks..we saw how these soldiers fought for days without taking a break..not even a drop of water..They had to kill or capture a terrorist without putting the lives of the civilians in danger..So just give a few minutes from your busy lives to remember those brave men who gave up their life so that you could live yours..The Indian military has all my respect..Its because of them that i feel proud to say.."I AM AN INDIAN"..

Think it, Do it!
very man has a dream,its something we all need
but A dream remains a dream if not achieved
A vision is only a vision if not fulfilled
A mission is mere a mission if stays dormant
Take a step, move forward be bold and fervent
Easy to utter and verbalize
Becomes a power house when you internalize
Dream with action creates momentum
Act on it give yourself an ultimatum
Subconscious mind is a place to be
Be proud have pride, it brings dignity
Follow your heart, love & care, it is road to immortality
A man is just a man without substance
A man with substance has compliance
Death with a dream brings eternal peace
Body remains here soul you release

I SAY RUN, do you?
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Story of our First Youth Delegate
posted with permission of the author, thank you .

Story of a Youth Delegate: Bremley W.B. Lyngdoh
How were you appointed as an official Youth Delegate to the United Nations?

I am very honored and privileged to be the first ever Youth Representative from India to be appointed by the Prime Minister to represent my country as part of the official government delegation at the historic Millennium Summit and Millennium Assembly which was held at the United Nations headquarters in September 2000.

Your browser may not support display of this image.

I have been a member of the United Nations Student Association (UNSA) of India since I was 13, which is an affiliate organization of the Indian Federation of United Nations Associations (IFUNA). The Federation has representatives from 20 of the 25 states. The Federation is part of the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA) that has members in about 85 countries. I am also active in a large number of youth service organizations in the United States and coordinate projects for the Global Youth ACTION Network (GYAN). I have completed my internship at the United Nations headquarters in New York, working in the area of sustainable development. After my nomination, my organization sent my name to the Ministry of External Affairs and the Prime Minster's Office for approval. Upon clearance from the national delegation selection committee, my name was included as part of the Indian National delegation of the 55th Session of the United Nations General Assembly.

What was your role as a youth delegate?

I was responsible for providing youth perspectives to assist my delegation in their consideration of agenda items, especially those relating to youth. While at the UN, I organized regular meetings with other Youth Representatives to develop an agenda of common priorities and aim to raise awareness of these issues through a series of meetings with UN bodies. Within my delegation, I attend a range of meetings, receptions and informal negotiations, as well as provided administrative assistance, including covering debates and formulating reports which were sent to my capital, New Delhi.

I followed the Second and Third Committee meetings, and delivered a statement on the theme "Creating Sustainable Livelihoods for Youth" to the Third Committee of the General Assembly on behalf of the youth of my country on the 28th September 2000. I believe that the meetings were effective. After hearing my statement, many government delegates and UN officials asked for further discussion and there were a lot of networking opportunities with the World Bank, UNDP, UNICEF, UNEP and ILO. I want to stress that it is just rhetoric until something concrete actually happens at the national and local level. I believe that the UN is getting better at focusing on youth issues but there needs to be follow-up on all the commitments that have been made in many past UN conferences. I am satisfied overall with the reforms and inclusive nature of the UN, but I would like to see the member states of the UN work as partners with their youth organizations without any conditions or restrictions. I made a suggestion that the UN Youth Unit should also make alumni lists of former youth representatives who can help new youth delegates network.

What did you do in your country after being a delegate?

After I returned home to India, I had to brief youth organizations, schools and colleges on what had I observed at the Third Committee meetings and what role I played in voicing the concerns of the 250 million youth of India at the UNGA. From my own observations and findings I strongly recommended to my government that it should maintain its policy of sending youth delegates to the UNGA in the future.

What can the United Nations learn from young people?

I believe that the UN can learn a lot from young people. For example, during the youth delegates short period of stay in New York, they were able to work together and organize meetings with many top UN and government officials. Youth have energy and spirit by working across boundaries, young people can share common interests the world over. I also feel that the youth can have a big impact if many countries send youth representatives to the meetings of the General Assembly. I think that it is important to have active and meaningful participation of youth in the UN system all levels of decision making processes.

I am striving very hard each day to balance my activism life with my academic life. Life is a constant journey for me, never a destination. So I live life to the fullest each day with honor, passion and adventure.

  • The Support

    Should we have a Meeting every Saturday?