UN youth Rep log 01
We've had a couple of good meetings, done some solid work which i'm very proud of :-)

We have spoken to dinesh bhaiya about it, we are doing it under WAYE, so THAT is confirmed.

Next, we have got correspondence from Bremley Lyngdoh . The first Indian Youth Rep to the UN in the year 2000. Very impressive man . He has addressed world leaders and done some of the coolest things ever. I'm glad we have him in the loop.

We have also decided on the campaign name, acronym or moto . Whatever you'd like to call it. We are going with I SAY RUN . Indian Students and Youth Repesentative to the UN . Hope ya'll like it :)

oh btw... i have taken a liking to this place called madras terrace house. its a very nice cosy place where we had our last meeting.

Sadly i dont think we will be meeting this saturday. YES+ creative happening and we're all doing it ! :)

Anyway.... other than that . We have still haven't been able to catch mr.vikram doraisamy . I don't understand why they make it so painful ! :) anyway. i'm enjoying the journey !

and oh .. remind me to whack my HR guy on the head and tell him to take some nice pics so i can keep an account and a documentation of the fun we are having at saving the country :) . yes his codename is Abe . so go find him . hit him . ... its a him ;)

I'll fill you guys in later !

till then .. remember , population is our strength

jai hind !

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    Should we have a Meeting every Saturday?