I am an "Indian"
As a little boy i used to ask my Grand mom about her freedom struggle experience and every time she told me the story i swear her eyes shined brighter than the sun on solstice.. She had a look of accomplishment..she had achieved something..and today i sit and wonder..what have i done for my Country?When some foreigner asks me where i am from, I proudly say " I am an Indian".. But what have i done to call myself an Indian? Yeah..I do stop my friends from littering..once in a while tech little kids to read.. but come on..that just makes me a good citizen..The country needs me..us.. We the youth have to get together and do something.. as an individual we can only make excuses(what can i do alone?) but as a group we actually do something.. Rohit told me about Indian students and youth representative to the united nations and i really liked the Idea and today i feel proud to say that, Yes! i am an active member of this group.. We all want to grow up and settle down in different countries but why not develop India instead and make people want to settle down here? we have the resources, we have the land and we have manpower..Why wait for the day when we have a literate politician in the ministry when we qualified youth can address the problems of our nation right now?? Lets do something, Lets work for a better India cause i for one want to have the same look in my eyes as my grand mom when i tell my story to my grand kids.. I SAY RUN.. Do you?? :)
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    Should we have a Meeting every Saturday?