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Today we created a group on facebook called "One million for youth representation for India at the UN". There's been a decent response to it so far, the whole point is to make ourselves visible. Where better than facebook to be visible!

The group looks all nice and fancy. We have other stuff like a video and plays coming up. But what we really need are volunteers! This isn't going to happen if the youth doesn't work! It's about making, having and eating the pie ourselves.

So do help us anyway you can.

It shouldn't be a problem to garner a million votes in a country of a billion. To quote Bawa, the population is on our side!
A Myriad Opportunities- None taken.
As youth, we need to ask ourselves one very important question- how useful are we to our community, country and the world at large? Half of us do not fulfill our most basic duty as citizens, that is vote. Before the recent general elections, I was involved in a campaign to raise voter awareness among the youth. There was a lot of hooplah about how in the largest democracy a large number of youth would be voting for the first time. Sadly, as the voter percentages showed, the young urban Indian voter had disappointed once again. Yes, there may be no candidate you want to see in power, but most of us are oblivious to the fact that we have the option to cancel our votes or even fill in a "none of the above"form. Most of us aren't even aware of our rights. We as a nation are so opportunistic that political awareness has never been thought to be of even remote significance to the population since politics is only for those already influential. This explains the absence of politics as a subject in our school education. It is important for the youth to give up it's ignorance and shuttle into the light of knowledge of how policies are made and how a majority can influence policies. We should be a vote bank that exploits not exploited.

Community service to many is nothing more than a certificate that is a key to admission to a university in the US orsome other foreign university! Teachers in charge of distributing community service projects lure students by enticing them with the wonders a piece of thick paper could do. Little wonder that not only is there a wide rich poor divide but also most middle or upper class do not sympathise with the needy. The only time we ever celebrated slums was after "Slumdog Millionaire's" Oscar glory.

Yet we all have a dream to do something big for our country in the middle of running after that lucrative job or "settling down". An opportunity that we need to knock at is youth representation for India at the UN.

So much for being the youngest country in the world, we do not have a youth representative at the UN. It is nobody's point that presence of youth in India's delegation to the UN would work things in our favour in a largely West-dominated sphere. But at least representation is a beginning. The world has mostly heard from our leaders, none of who can really understand the pulse of the youth. In a rapidly globalising world it is important for us, as future policy shapers to collaborate with youth of other countries starting now. I can see no better opportunity than at the UN.

This campaign is not just a bunch of teens and tweens childishly rebelling against a government mostly constituted by people of their parents' or grandparents' age wanting a say in world affairs. It is about training ourselves for the future. Experience matters, but there should be not fixed age when one should start gaining it. The earlier we start, the better for our future.
UN youth rep - log entry 1
Well it was a fun evening yesterday . I gave my first public/semi public address about the UN youth Representative issue and that we are going to lobby for it :)

It was at a party, and towards the end rather ! so I don't know how many people actually listened to it :)

But the response I got was quite heartening to say the least, people were really enthusiastic and glad that we were taking this initiative. We will be starting facebook and orkut groups in the near future and we're looking for volunteers who can dedicate some minimal amount of cyberspace time for this. So if your one of those guys who sits on the comp for more than 2 hours a day, your our man ! :)

So just leave a comment on the blog and we'll get in touch with you within 48 hours.

So one million signatures eh ? ... piece of cake ! :)

Jai Hind
UN Youth Representative
What is a UN youth representative ?

participation in decision-making is one of the key priority areas of the UN's agenda on youth. One form of youth participation at the United Nations has been through the inclusion of youth delegates in a country's official delegation to the United Nations General Assembly and various functional Commissions.

The role of a youth representative varies from country to country. One focus of a youth delegate’s work is in the Third Committee, the part of the General Assembly that deliberates on Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Issues. In past instances, youth delegates have delivered statements on issues of concern to young people in the Third Committee.

Unfortunately, as you might have noticed India does not have a youth representative to the UN as part of its permanent mission to the UN. We here are lobbying for that . Our aim is to make the government realise that the youth representative is a integral part of foreign policy and international decision making especially when India has the largest youth population in the world, which is largely under represented in the international arena.

If you want to help, please do leave your contact details in the comments collumn. We will personally get in touch with you and see how we can help.

If you REALLY want to help . start telling your friends about this issue . make them visit


and tell them all about it and how important it is for us Indian youth to be represented in the UN General Assembly.

If you are REALLY REALLY REALLY interested, we have started a signature campaign, we are aiming at 1 million signatures before new years. Yes, thats before Jan 1st 2010. On the signature campaign we need NAME, ORGANISATION, EMAIL/CONTACT NUMBER and ID PROOF (anything on the lines of drivers license number or id card of a college ).

Population is our strength, now remember that :)

Jai Hind

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