Aum or Om or Omm or very rarely Ohm

The most mystic, least understood word the world has seen.

well if you wanted to know more about this word or syllable you would have gone to wikipedia. but i am here to tell you something that you definitely won't know about Om

Om is as you might have found out by now, the culmination of different syllables Aa-uuu-imm-nnnnn

most people associate Om with hinduism or lets just say the rightist saffron front. it is absolutely not so.
it is the universal sound. and sometimes you can say the universal truth. i am not bragging here. trust me.

when you sit down... on an isolated place with your eyes closed. far away from the hustle and bustle of city life and just sit down on a lonely beach or a viewpoint from atop a hill. just close your eyes... and listen . you will hear Om if you listen deep enough. when you take your ears to a sea shell, they say you can hear the sea. if you listen more carefully you will hear Om.

Om is somewhat the beginning and the end ... have you ever seen a baby in a mother's womb on a sonograph ? ... it will be in the shape of Om in tamil script. and before the baby leaves the mother's womb it will be in the exact position of the Om. so in a way life starts Om :)
the first screams of a baby are of Aaa ... the begining of Aum .

and the end is even simpler. when we die the last sound or ending will be in a dinn or sound that comes from the end of the nose 'nnnn' such as showing how life leaves us all at one point of time.

aum is thus the begining and the end of life...

and not just hindu life . you have the same references in islam as well as christianity
both ameen and amen, words sacred to different religions have their similarities to Om or aum

Om is universal . it has no begining and no end. just as life goes on for the unfortunate from one birth to another.

There is something that you can experiment if you are the spiritual type. The Om frequency. once you get on that frequency it is a high like none other. you will travel the world and beyond in that frequency, seeing things that you would have never seen. feeling emotions not known to you. The frequency will carry you and show you the deepest part of you. The same way it is helping me find myself :)

in deep meditation without any worries or attachments to the outter world just relax and listen to the Om frequency. fell the Om inside you and let it reverberate. Donot think about anything else. Keep constant focus on your breath. Cos the breath as you can say is the most important part of you. prana or life force is in the breath. it is the only thing that connects the body to the soul. The difference between life and death. The prana in a way is part of the Om, and it is that which will carry you forth onto fields unknown

.... i am a new traveller myself , but let me tell you the experience is ecstatic :)


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