The Evolution of God
God, probably the worst understood phenomenon that we have.
I too believe in God, but one of a different type. To me god is a force, the ultimate force. Why ? cos if God created the earth, the sun the moon and the stars. Who the hell created God ? To me god lies in actions and deeds. The god thats stops a murderer in front of his victim and turn away. The god that feeds a hungry man who is an inch from starving to death. The god that heals a mortal wound, the god that feels the pain of others. That to me is real god. The power of human spirit and self sacrifice that is capable of making a difference in other lives. Traces of this god is clearly visible in all cultures and I feel that it is so neatly hidden within all our faiths that only those who realise the true inner meaning of their faith are able to reach that state of enlightenment.

There most definitely is a supreme power, a power that watches above us all, it is in a sort of dynamic equilibrium that is defined by our actions. The more good we do i.e the more actions we do help others the closer we get to the force and our ultimate aim being to become one with the force. It is not about committing your sins and dipping yourself in the ganges and expect to be cleansed of all your evil deeds, or killing and raping innumerable people and visiting mecca or undertaking haj, or confessing your evil deeds to the priest. No its not that, if you really are devoted to God, you wont even do those actions. The voice of God is in all of us, and more so in small kids, its closely related to our conscience, the more we commit sins, the softer the voice of our conscience gets, the more we restrain from commiting those sins the louder our conscience gets. So all these pilgrimages and crap is nothing but the making of greedy human beings who want to control the minds of the people who are very happy committing sins, god is not your servant, he isn't your coolie you cant just pay him and get your slate wiped clean. So your making god nothing more than the boy who cleans my car everyday, a daily wage coolie who does your dirty work for money, is that it ?

But lets leave that for another day, the object of this post is more for finding out who or what creates a God. Jesus is considered to be the son of god himself, the messiah of the people, but is he ? or was he just a smart man who created a difference in many lives and planned his exit from the world so well that centuries later his deeds are considered to be supernatural and thus being proclaimed as faith and as god himself. I don't get that part though, why do most christians call jesus the son of god ? and still say jesus is the only god.... ? lol ive heard them say this sorta stuff too many times to count. Guys he is just the son of god. If god can have a son, he can have cousins, daughters, wives, mistresses so on and so forth.
So now, let us look at Gandhi, 60 odd years after his demise we regard him great faith, and there are countries which still erect statues of him for his great service to humanity and he too, could have timed his death so perfectly well, just like jesus did. Nathuram Gotse could have been his most faithful follower who killed him. So that he dies the death of a martyr, so that 600 years later he too becomes an equal to god, or like jesus, a god. Just another cog in the grand scheme of things is what it looks like.

Every few centuries we get these most amazing personalities who change the course of the world, for better or for worse, maybe these are the gods that we so proclaim, maybe these are the devils too. Budhism, Jainism, Jewism to name a very few are pretty much the same thing. Well planned mastermined lives that change the course and influence enough people to be granted the status of gods, faiths and religions. I am not saying these people are not gods, they most definitley are. But they are gods not because of some ultra uncomprehendable power, but because of the human will and the power of human spirit which made them dare beyond the normal and make a difference to thousands of humans whome they touched.

So you never know, one day, when you are one with the great force and looking down on your bloodline, you might find them worshiping mahatma Gandhi, or Martin Luther King Jr or Aung Sang Suu Kyi ( hope i spelt that rite ) . To me God is not supernatural, god is the power in all of us, it is our choice whether to grow it or slowly kill it, and that makes us what we are. Heroes or everything but a hero.

As one great man said.. with great power comes great responsibility.

=>> the stone with a heart
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